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LA County Campaign Flyer

LPLAC Campaign Flyer 2014

Please copy and distribute.  For write-in candidates to succeed, it’s important for as many Libertarians as possible to know about them.  In LA County, the write-in candidates are Ted Brown, running for AD 41 and Jose E. Castenada, running for BOE Dist. 3.  You can write in their names on the June 3, 2014 primary ballot.  If enough people do it, they will appear printed on the November ballot — without having to pay a filing fee — because there is only one candidate on the primary ballot in those races.

The same situation exists in Central California, where Gail Lightfoot is running a write-in campaign for 23rd Congressional District.  More information here.  If you live in CD 23, write her name in to put her on the November ballot.

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Libertarian Write-In Campaigns Commence


A message from Mark Hinkle, LNC At-Large, Retired LNC and LPC Chair:

Dear California Libertarians,

As you know, the June 3, 2014 primary will be coming up shortly.

Due to the passage of Proposition 14 (Top Two) in 2010, we only have 6 partisan California candidates running for office as Libertarians this year.

They are:
> Attorney General – Jonathan Jaech
> CD 7 – Art Tuma
> CD 25 – David Koster Bruce
> CD 33 – Mark Matthew Herd
> CD 51 – Michael Benoit
> AD 8 – Janice Bonser

Because “Top Two” only allows the candidates with the two highest vote totals to go onto the November primary, without an almost unprecedented degree of support from voters, none of these candidates will make it onto the November ballot.  If these candidates are eliminated at the June primary, you will have NO Libertarian choice on the ballot come November’s general election.

However, there is another way that could allow up to 21 additional candidates, running as Libertarians, to appear on the November 2014 General Election ballot.

One of the unintended consequences of Top Two is that there are 21 districts where only one candidate has files for the office.

Welcome to Soviet Style one party rule!

Fortunately, there is a way we can use this to our advantage.  As we have noted, only the Top Two candidates get to proceed to the November election.

Luckily for us Libertarian, Write-In ballots in the June primary are still legal (by the way, write-in votes will not be counted in November!!!).

This means we can run Write-In candidates, which require only 40 valid signatures, and NO filing fee, and assuming they are the second place finisher in the June Primary, their names WILL appear on the ballot in November as Libertarians.

The Peace and Freedom Party used this tactic in 2012 to get 3 candidates who did appear on the November General Election Ballot.

It is possible that we could get Libertarians on the ballot with as little as 1 write-in vote.  To be safe, we’ll try for many many more.

The purpose of this message is to see if you’re willing to be a candidate in one of these 21 districts where either no Republican or no Democrat has filed for office.

If you’ve been a candidate before, you know it’s an ideal way to spread the Libertarian message, which is SO needed these days, especially here in California.

A recent nationwide Rasmussen poll indicates that 53% of likely voters “Think Neither Political Party Represents the American People”.

Here’s your opportunity to give the American people an alternative to the status quo!

Here is the web page that lists the seats where only one candidate has filed for partisan office:

If you’re willing and if you live in one of these districts, please contact Ted Brown @ to either volunteer to be a candidate, find out what’s required, and/or help another Libertarian to become a valid write-in candidate.

If you want a real choice in November on your ballot, here’s your opportunity to make that happen.

Please consider becoming a Libertarian write-in candidate.

Yours in liberty…………………….Mark Hinkle

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