LA County Campaign Flyer

LPLAC Campaign Flyer 2014

Please copy and distribute.  For write-in candidates to succeed, it’s important for as many Libertarians as possible to know about them.  In LA County, the write-in candidates are Ted Brown, running for AD 41 and Jose E. Castenada, running for BOE Dist. 3.  You can write in their names on the June 3, 2014 primary ballot.  If enough people do it, they will appear printed on the November ballot — without having to pay a filing fee — because there is only one candidate on the primary ballot in those races.

The same situation exists in Central California, where Gail Lightfoot is running a write-in campaign for 23rd Congressional District.  More information here.  If you live in CD 23, write her name in to put her on the November ballot.

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