On the Ballot!


It may not be official yet, but everything that needed to happen to get a Libertarian on the ballot for AG has been completed.

There was lots of last-minute support, and we exceeded the fundraising goal. Donations varied in size, but the small donations count as much as the large ones. Your support let me know that you cared about the goal too, and I’m not out here doing this practically all by myself.  I needed to know there were others that cared too, and you’ve proved that you do.  So thank you.

I look forward to using the primary race as a opportunity to reach voters with a powerful, compassionate message of liberty. I’ll be working on demonstrating and convincing others what a Libertarian Attorney General can do to make California more prosperous, happy and free, for everybody.  I’ll also do a lot of listening and learning — that goes together with convincing.  Reaching as many voters as possible with a pure and persuasive libertarian message is the goal, from now until June 3rd.

Send me your memes, photos, videos and stories!  I’ll post as many as possible here.

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