Protect Digital Currency & Private Data

BitCoin and other forms of digital currency represent a new and growing industry with the potential to greatly benefit California residents.  It’s become so successful, that it is now under attack by special interests in international banking, who fear that it might someday threaten their present-day monopoly over the international monetary system.  As Attorney General, I would help Californians resist such attacks, to the best of my ability.

The Attorney General doesn’t work for international bankers, or even for politicians in Washington D.C.  The Attorney General works for the people of the State of California, under the California Constitution.  California has no interest in protecting the present-day monetary system.  On the contrary, the people of California have been greatly injured by this system over the years, as the productive capital of the region has been sucked out or exhausted by monetary forces outside of the people’s control.

California has an interest in facilitating the use of honest  measures and stable mediums of exchange by its people, building up environmentally sound productive capital in the region, and protecting the privacy of its citizens under the California Constitution.  This includes the right of citizens to maintain privacy regarding their monetary exchanges, such as afforded by BitCoin and related technology.  The Attorney General must be on the side of the people, and resist all government measures to institute capital controls and tracking of financial exchanges.  Such control measures are fundamentally incompatible with liberty and the right of privacy as recognized by the California Constitution, and can only lead to greater totalitarianism and political corruption.

As Attorney General, I would resist attacks on digital currency and the right of privacy by refusing to enforce any laws against victimless conduct, writing legislation to protect digital currency from regulation offensive to privacy rights and personal liberty, and refusing to cooperate with international or federal agents seeking to prosecute digital currency exchangers, miners, or users.

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