Stop All Cannabis Prosecution & Civil Forfeitures

Cannabis (marijuana) is one of the safest psychoactive and medicinal plants known, far safer and less addictive than alcohol, caffeine and most prescription medications.  It is only illegal because of political pressure brought by special interests during a historical period in which most people were ignorant of its beneficial uses and relative safety.

Consequently, far more damage is done by enforcing laws against this plant and products made from it, than by its use or trade outside of the law.

Many innocent people have been imprisoned or have property stolen from them by state agents, merely for peacefully using or trading cannabis.  Although such people were accused of breaking laws, the anti-cannabis laws that were enforced against them were clearly unjust under natural law and unconstitutional under the California Constitution, by any rational measure.  Therefore, the people who enforced such laws against otherwise peaceful people were breaking their oaths to uphold the Constitution, and committing crimes under natural law.  Enforcement of anti-cannabis laws is wrongful state aggression.

There may come a day when the victims of such state aggression will be awarded restitution by courts of law.  If elected, I would refuse to prosecute anti-cannabis laws and to the extent possible, thwart enforcement or prosecution by any government agency.  This will reduce state aggression and protect California from future claims for restitution by anti-cannabis enforcement victims.

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