I Don’t Want To Be Attorney General!

I don’t actually want the job of California Attorney General.  I already have a law practice, and giving that up to take the job of AG would mean a lot of disruption in my personal and professional life.  I’m not retired and need to work to support my family.  But I would accept the job if elected, am capable of performing it, and would do my best to perform it in accordance with the principles on which I ran.

So then why am I running?  Not because I expect to win; nobody running on the Libertarian ticket has ever won statewide office in California.  There are no special interests lining up to fund my campaign.  No wealthy donors who have asked me to run.  I don’t have enough spare cash to fund a bare bones campaign or even pay the filing fee.  I’ll be lucky to raise enough money to just pay the fee, and getting past the primary is a long shot at best.  And people who know me say I’m too honest and outspoken to be a politician.

So why run?  Because there are a growing number of libertarians in California.  The Libertarian Party is growing while the mainline parties are stagnant or shrinking.  This is but a small indication of the increasing numbers of people, some of whom still vote, who understand that “freedom’s the answer” no matter what is the question.  I’m running to give an opportunity to these people to ROAR, just by registering their preference for liberty on a ballot.  I want to give voters, especially young voters, another opportunity to be exposed to libertarian ideas, for the first time or for another time.  I’m running to learn and foster greater activism for liberty, inside and outside of electoral politics.  Those are reasons enough.

Perhaps you’re one of these new libertarians.  Perhaps you understand that the non-aggression principle is both a sound moral precept and a basis for a more prosperous and just society.  That the tools of the modern state, such as high taxes, fiat money, central control, and forced redistribution of wealth, are justified by promises of security and equality, but deliver only greater poverty and inequality.  That we have no right to interfere in the lifestyle or choices of our neighbors, even when their choices seem self-destructive, immoral, strange, or distasteful, so long as no victim is harmed.  That it is a crime to fine or imprison someone for growing, possessing, or freely selling any food, service, plant, or medicine, in accordance with the natural right to control one’s own body and trade freely with others.  That it is a crime to fine or imprison someone for keeping or bearing any firearm or other defensive weapon, in accordance with the natural right of self-defense.  That the institution of the territorial sovereign power, once believed necessary for the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, now threatens to become, or has already become, the greatest transgressor of our natural and inalienable rights.

THAT is reason enough to run.

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